After nearly losing their son Ramses last year when he worked undercover as a spy for the British Government, Amelia Peabody, her husband Emerson and Ramses new wife Nefret are determined that he stick with something safe, like uncovering tombs.

It is 1915 and time for the new archeology season in Egypt. Despite the war, the Emerson family arrives in Cairo as planned and immediately discovers trouble. Ramsess adventures of last year are not forgotten by many and all too soon a weak attempt is made on his life. Amelia and Emerson arrange to send Ramses and Nefret off to Luxor to check on last years excavation site. Once there, however, they find that they are once again at the center of tomb raiding, skullduggery, kidnapping and murder. But who is behind this latest wave of criminal behavior? Annoying but persistent reporter Miss Margaret Minton is determined to find out and is not about to let Amelia & family out of her sight.

Following up last years explosive HE SHALL THUNDER IN THE SKY, the incomparable Elizabeth Peters delivers another barn-burner. LORD OF THE SILENT gathers all of the gang back together for more rip-roaring excitement and fun! (Jun., 416 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith