Even after inheriting the title of Earl of Lyndale, Ewan McLean expects to continue his life of leisure, pleasure and collecting erotic works of art. But before he can enjoy his fortune he must fulfill his uncle's deathbed wish and rectify an old debt. But Bride Cameron, who's responsible for her three sisters, as well as their home and print engraving business, has no desire to hear what the earl has to say.

Ewan is too intrigued by the sharp-witted Bride and her art collection to be put off. He'll employ any means to uncover her secrets. But will this master of seduction find himself in over his head, and will Bride's secret endanger them all?

An intriguing plot, three-dimensional characters, witty dialogue, fascinating historical details and several surprising twists combine for a superb tale. Hunter never loses sight of the passion and excitement romance readers desire. SENSUAL (May, 405 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin