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Image of LORD SIN (Book One: Rakes of London)


Image of LORD SIN (Book One: Rakes of London)

Hughes debuts with a novel that's part erotic romance and part country house-party romp -- a unique combination that will keep readers intrigued. Part of the appeal is Hughes' ability to create likable characters as well as spicy love scenes tinged with rough sex and tenderness. She's definitely on her way to enticing readers who adore Lisa Kleypas, Pamela Britton and Katherine O'Neal.

After six years of exile in Italy, Ivo Dauntry returns to London bent on revenge against Lady Georgianna Exley. He fought a duel in her honor which resulted in scandal and his exile from society. He learns that Georgianna is not a woman of honor but a pleasure seeker who takes men to her bed for one night only. Ivo sets out to force her to change her rule and allow him six nights of pleasure: one night for each year he paid for defending her lost honor.

Georgianna is not coldhearted. She has her reasons for keeping her affairs brief and her heart safe. But when Ivo tests her determination she enters into a sensual battle of wills that leads to grand passion and love. But it also awakens an enemy who lusts for vengeance and seeks to make Ivo and Georgianna pay for the sins of the past. (Zebra, May, 384 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin