The handsome and wealthy Tristan Rutherford–Hayes, Earl of Stanhope, is an excellent catch for the marriage-minded, though he has been able to evade them so far. But that's about to change when Tris finds himself on his way to Sussex to prevent his cousin Oswald from creating a scandal.

He discovers that Oswald and his friends have wagered that Oswald and Miss Calista Ashton, the vicar's spinster sister, will marry. At 24, Calista is content to be on the shelf and knows nothing about the wager.

When Tris meets Calista he finds her to be independent, intelligent (she follows Mary Wollstonecraft) and witty. He also suspects she hides a passionate nature. Tris decides she is the woman he wants to marry, but can he convince her that his rakish days are over and that she will be secure in his love?

This talented author keeps you in the Regency era as she throws her cast of characters into one bumble broth after another with this entertaining read. SWEET (Jan., 272 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond