Norman slave Gianelle hungers for freedom. She cares nothing for men, especially the handsome Lord Dante Risande, who catches her attempting to escape her master, Lord Dermott.

Dante doesn't know what to make of the bold, alluring, clever slave. But he's in Dermott's castle seeking his sister's killer and has no time to waste on a beautiful woman -- until Dermott is poisoned and Gianelle becomes a suspect.

To protect her, Dante buys Gia and brings her to his keep on the cliffs of Dover, safe from Dermott's vicious brother's accusations. Though she has vowed never to surrender to a man, Gia finds Dante's tender caresses and sweet kisses irresistible. But as she prepares to become his bride, danger from the past rises to threaten their happiness.

Quinn pens a tantalizing love story that overflows with passion and emotion. Gia is an empowered heroine in an era when women were chattel, and she's able to meet her match in a dashing rogue. Quinn wins readers' hearts with a light touch, even as she invokes strong themes of slavery, freedom and the need for independence. SENSUAL (Feb., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin