The widowed Lady Reyna Graham will do anything to save her home; even disguise herself as a courtesan to kill a general camped at the border. Instead of finding the general, she meets his handsome lieutenant, Ian of Guilford; being a man renowned for his exploits in love, Ian easily sees through Reynas pretense and all too quickly manages to turn the tables on her.

He has no illusions about her beauty or her courage, but when he hears the rumors about her poisoning her husband he is shocked. It seems out of character for a woman who is so desperate to save her people that she would risk her own life for them.

As they are drawn to one another, they unknowingly become entangled in a web of old and dangerous secrets and fall at the mercy of enemies who will do whatever they must to destroy Reyna and Ian for their own political gain.

Drawing on the atmosphere and rich historical backdrop of the 14th century, Madeline Hunter weaves a brilliant tapestry: golden threads of suspense, red strands of sensuality and silver cords of mystery that together form a perfect picture of a time and place. Ms. Hunter is one of the finest medieval writers today. SENSUAL (Jan., 356 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin