Image of Losing Control


Image of Losing Control
LOSING CONTROL (3) by Robyn Grady: Taryn Quinn didn’t realize what a hard time she was going to have when she accepted a job with Hunter Enterprises to produce a reality destination show. Control freak Cole Hunter is almost instantly opposed to the project, in part because his father hired Taryn without any consultation and partly because she is so beautiful. He’s having a hard time keeping his head. In addition to dealing with Taryn’s new show, Cole is trying to find out who is trying to kill his father and kidnap his baby brother, but he can’t keep away from Taryn. While Taryn is warm, funny and spunky, Cole is so stiff-spined that readers are going to wonder what, besides good looks, Taryn sees in him. Grady’s got a good plot, with a neatly ongoing mystery, but her characters aren’t captivating.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper