Image of The Lost (Sin Hunters) (A Paranormal Romance)


Image of The Lost (Sin Hunters) (A Paranormal Romance)

Pineiro’s new series will excite readers, new and old. As a newcomer to her work, how I missed this author for so long, I’ll never know. Her characters and red-hot writing had me looking for the nearest cold shower. The Lost is an excellent beginning to a new series that will have readers counting the days until the second Sin Hunters book is released.

Bobbie is home from combat in Iraq, but she’s still wounded physically and emotionally. The last thing she expects is the extreme draw she feels toward Adam, a millionaire with supernatural powers. Together, they battle against paranormal enemies who can hide in plain sight. Complicating matters, Adam must learn to control his powers, or their scorching passion could destroy them all. (FOREVER, Jul., 352 pp. $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes