Buffalo Lachlan promised his dying best friend he'd find his long-lost twin sister. Buff has been following clues and leads for more than a year. His search takes him to Astoria, Oregon, in the winter of 1873.

Siri Trogen, a maid at the hotel where Buff is staying, is facing every mother's worst nightmare. Her children have been stolen from her. Suspecting that Siri is actually the missing heiress he's searching for, Buff soon loses focus of his own mission in order to help Siri find her missing children.

As they begin their search, they are attacked by someone who is out to kill them. Siri must face her fears and Buff must fight his wanderlust to build a life with Siri and her children.

This is the best book yet in this memorable series. The characters are well developed, and Glad has a good eye for detail and has done her research. The realistic resolution satisfies. (Nov., 320 pp., $17.95)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent