When her employer dies, Chloe Hartsell wonders if the estates new owner will allow her to keep her position. Once-famous artist Gideon Stone believes he has lost his passion for painting, the fire and driving force that have helped him create his greatest works. Brooding, embittered and nearly penniless, he comes to the manor a ghost of himself.

Gideon becomes obsessed with the portrait of a Lenore Lacey, a bride who disappeared on her wedding night 100 years ago. Suddenly a stranger arrives whose uncanny resemblance to the lost bride stuns Gideon. She has no memory, except for her name: Lenore Lacey.

Chloe is drawn to Gideon from the moment he arrives and easily falls in love with him, but their blossoming friendship is threatened by Lenores remarkable appearance and Gideons fascination. Now Chloe must somehow uncover the truth; is Lenore the legendary lost bride? If so, what magic has brought her back, and how can Chloe win Gideons love away from his dream woman who just might not be real?

Marianne Willman brings the perfect touch of magic and illusion to her novel, infusing THE LOST BRIDE with myth, romance and the ideal amount of suspense. She has crafted a Gothic romance for the 90s that satisfies the craving for the lush, chilling, hypnotic tales her fans desire. SENSUAL (Nov., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin