After a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Gary Lindstrom feels compelled to face his past. Reluctantly, he goes to meet the sister he can't remember and, hopefully, put his demons to rest. He is not expecting to meet the woman who awakens his heart. Rebecca Wilson is a social worker who has come to interview Gary's sister regarding her adoption petition. She meets Gary on this first visit and it leaves her shaken. He's a handsome bad boy -- complete with a motorcycle and a leather jacket -- but, also, a successful businessman ... and he wants to live life alone. Though they want different things, Rebecca can't walk away from him and the attraction that burns between them. Do they have a chance at a happy ending? The second book in the Lost ... But Not Forgotten series, Lost Cause (3), by Janice Kay Johnson, is a multilayered story that looks closely at how the past can affect the future. Johnson has written a story full of heart and feelings.
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers