Image of The Lost Girls of Johnson's Bayou


Image of The Lost Girls of Johnson's Bayou
THE LOST GIRLS OF JOHNSON'S BAYOU (4.5) by Jana DeLeon: PI Paul Stanton has been searching for the sister separated from him by foster care 17 years ago, and he hopes the small town of Johnson’s Bayou will be his last stop. Ginny Bergeron was just a small child when she wandered out of the bayou with no memory of her name or her past. Answers about Paul’s sister’s whereabouts may lie in Ginny’s flickering memories and in the ramshackle shell of a mansion that was the LeBlanc School, destroyed in a fire that killed the girls living there. But Paul’s questions and Ginny’s memories are making someone nervous, since violent attacks against the young waitress have escalated, making Paul believe someone will do anything to make sure she never regains her memories. DeLeon is at home in the bayous of Louisiana, and takes her readers deep into the misty humidity and eerie atmosphere with ease, layering in romance and murder while slowly escalating tension to the breathtaking finale.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper