Fans of Patricia Simpson are in for a special treat. Prince Asheris and his beloved wife Karissa, first introduced in Ms. Simpson's novella "Lord of the Nile," return for more passionate and dangerous adventures.

For five years Asheris and Karissa have been happily married and blessed with the advent of a young daughter named Julia. No longer an immortal, Prince Asheris fears he will be unable to protect his family from harm, for Asheris knows that his ancient enemies, the Priestesses of Sekhmet, are still a force to be feared. Despite his undying love for Karissa, Asheris makes the mistake of keeping his fears to himself, causing a widening breach with his beloved wife.

Karissa can not understand the change in her husband; before, they shared all their hopes and dreams, now he seems almost a stranger. An eerie and unexpected legacy from the past will start the final deadly confrontation in motion.

A trunk belonging to Karissa's father J.D. Spencer reveals that a mysterious woman named Tashayana once held her father's love and devotion. Who was Tashayana and why was she so important to the Priestesses of Sekhmet? Her legacy is encoded in a series of obelisks which, when inserted into an ancient box, reveal to Karissa the true story behind Tashayana's fate. Armed with her new knowledge, Karissa soon realizes that unless they can find a way to stop the evil priestesses, little Julia maybe the next victim sacrificed.

THELOSTGODDESS is a wonderful blend of past and present with the lives of Karissa and Tashayana closely intertwined. Ms. Simpson brings back two extraordinary characters and lets us continue to enjoy their adventures and undying love. (Apr. 383 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith