The death of her mother was a tough event for Rainey Valentine. Twice-divorced, she has never truly found her way in life, and though full of vision, shes been short on follow-through. With her inheritance of a truck, a trailer, a mare, and a lifetime supply of Mary Kay cosmetics, Rainey takes off to travel the rodeo circuit, leaving behind her father, a brother and a sister.

About six weeks into her journey, outside of Abilene, she finds a man in need of help. Injured from a car accident, he seems just as intent on exploring as Rainey. Harry Furneaux becomes her traveling companion. As the two search for something only they understand, they become close. But it is only when the journey leads them back to Raineys hometown that they find what theyve been looking for.

Ms. Matlock displays the wandering spirit well in this quaint tale. With her down-home dialogue and true-to-life characterizations, this one will warm you. (Sep., 408 pp,. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson