Young widower Lincoln Wagstaffs compassion for the working children of San Francisco drives him to social activism. And even though his first responsibility is to his daughter and the people who depend on him, Linc feels impassioned to tackle big industry and fight for child labor laws.

Heiress Cecilia Jackson is unaware of her familys role in the insidious exploitation of children until she meets Linc. His passion and their dedication to Christ become the impetus for change. Taking an active role in changing her familys shortcomings also encourages Cecilia to confront painful childhood memories and her hardened conscience.

Cotes sequel to Whispers of Love is every bit as engaging. Fans will identify with the struggles of these very real characters as they deal with ambition, greed, bitterness and jealousy. (Jan., 309 pp., $12.00)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair