Image of The Lost Husband: A Novel


Image of The Lost Husband: A Novel

Funny, touching and full of humor, this novel celebrates new beginnings. Libby’s transformation is heartfelt and honest, and her relationships full of quirky charm and insight. Best of all, watching her become self-reliant and fight for a new love emphasizes just how far she’s come.

When Libby Moran’s husband dies suddenly, forcing her and her two children to move in with her hypercritical mother, she yearns to return to the life she once had. But when an estranged aunt offers her a job on her goat farm, Libby takes the chance to start over and moves her family to the wilds of Texas. Nothing about this new life is what she expected, most of all the shaggy, lovable James O’Connor, who may be just the person Libby needs to find the courage to live life to its fullest. (Ballantine, May, 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown