Image of Lost Melody: A Novel


Image of Lost Melody: A Novel

Copeland and Smith create characters and a setting with some believability, but when angelic wisdom comes from a phantom musical composer and friendly, trusting characters become bullies, the story becomes a less entertaining read. I was disappointed with the way the loose ends unraveled.

Jill King and Greg Bradford are a beautiful couple in a loving Christian relationship. Jill is a concert pianist and Greg a budding lawyer with political aspirations in an up-and-coming seaside community. They want to be married by Christmas but a stressful political campaign and a prophetic dream that serves as a fatal warning to their beloved community are standing in the way. Jill will be seen as a threat to Greg’s political aspirations if she continues to tell everyone that there will be a disaster and that many people will lose their lives if they do not evacuate the town by December 6. Many do believe her, but others are mocking her every word. The community becomes torn. Will Greg continue to seek his political station in life or throw it all away to save his fiancée’s reputation? (ZONDERVAN, Dec., 314 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lindy J. Swanson