Hauck tells a familiar romance story set in the world of the Nashville music scene. Although the heroine's fear verges on absurdity at times, her voice is clearly communicated in this first-person story. Her tendency to run away from situations is annoying, but her perseverance with her songwriting career in the face of obstacles is admirable. Her eventual surrender to God is worth waiting for, and entertaining characters add dimension.

Robin McAfee has severe stage fright, but she doesn't let that sway her from her dream of becoming a famous country songwriter. When push comes to shove in her romantic life, she decides to finally leave her home and move to Nashville to pursue her career.

Things aren't easy, and the unfamiliar is more daunting than Robin had imagined. But friends, mentors and one wonderful man help her to realize that she'll regret it forever if she gives up before she really tries. (WESTBOW, Oct., 320 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel