Image of The Lost Ones (The Veil, Book 3)


Image of The Lost Ones (The Veil, Book 3)

Golden wraps up the
Veil trilogy with a rousing tale of epic journeys and larger-than-life heroes. With his vivid descriptions of the lavish and exotic, he's crafted a fantastic world that will feel just as real to readers as their own.

Ty Lis, an evil sorcerer from Atlantis, has started a war between the Two Kingdoms, lands separated from contemporary society by a magical veil that humans can only pass through one way. Drawn into the battle are Oliver and Collette Bascombe, who just may be the salvation for the lost ones (humans who stepped unwittingly through the veil). Prophesy foretells that the children of a legend and a human, born in the human world, will be able to sunder the veil, allowing the lost ones to return home.

Collette, Oliver and his fiancée, Julianna, escape from Ty Lis, determined to reveal his evil plans. Their former companions also set out, gathering makeshift armies composed of humans, legends, ancient gods and warriors. As the fight against evil continues on a massive, world-altering scale, the face of the Two Kingdoms is changed forever. (Bantam Spectra, Apr., 464 pp., $12.00)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice