Divorce seems the only option for Wendy Blackwell, whose husband is just too obsessed with his acting career and seems uninterested in her dreams of owning the Flying C. Dude Ranch. But Teague Blackwell is a good provider and their twelve-year-old twins need a father. Yet, Wendy has postponed her dream long enough, so she up and leaves him, relocating in Texas on Route 66.

Teague loves his family dearly and is torn between his desire to go after Wendy and responsibility to the producer with whom he has signed a contract for a major role in a popular soap opera. He decides to stay and as his success increases, plans to launch a reunion episode of The Lost Romance Ranch, the series in which he and Wendy had starred many years earlier. Wendy is leery of a comeback and of Teague. Can he put his ambition aside for the sake of her dream and their family?

Short and sweet, Lost Romance Ranch is a cozy book to curl up with. (Jun., 256 pp., $6.95)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair