Image of The Lost Symbol


Image of The Lost Symbol

As usual, Brown pours the accelerant and lights the match before the end of the first few pages. Now, the trick is to dive into the inferno without getting singed. Brown's latest bestseller is laden with drama, suspense, betrayal and tidbits of arcane knowledge, presented as only he can. Readers are dropped into the mystery on the first page, and pursuing the solution will have the pages whizzing by. Rife with ancient Masonic secrets and hidden history, this is an astonishing glimpse of a Washington, D.C., few are privy to. Telling too much will spoil the thrill of discovery in this fast-paced suspense jewel.

In a story set in the nation's capital, Harvard professor Robert Langdon is thrust into the chase for a mysterious answer that will draw on all his knowledge of symbology to save his life and protect the future of the country. Nothing is as it seems as Robert follows the orders of a madman and unravels the clues of the ancient Order of Masons to access a power the likes of which the world has never seen. (DOUBLEDAY, Sep., 528 pp., $29.95)

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Pat Cooper