This is definitely not your typical vampire tale. The story includes many tongue-in-cheek references to Meyer's and Rice’s vampire lore. However, the author relies on Biblical mythology, turned on it head, to explain the complex and intriguing world that of this novella. Get ready for some extra spicy language and heated scenes that take sin to the next level!

Ava is one of the Seven Deadly Sins sent by Lucifer to tempt mankind. But far from being evil, Ava spends as much time helping others as she does causing their downfall. Nonetheless, even she is surprised when she falls in love with an angel. However, when her angel is faced with expulsion from heaven, he refuses to join Ava in exile. Unfortunately, Ava has already turned her resignation into Lucifer and now she is persona non grata in the underworld. While in hiding, Ava meets a sexy vampire from her past. Dante has desired Ava since they first met, but he has never had the chance to let her know how strongly his feelings run. He wants to help Ava through her difficulties, but more than that, he wants a chance at forever with his stunning Sin. (LIQUID SILVER BOOKS, April 2011, dl. $5.95) 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne