Richman paints a beautiful, though heart-wrenching, picture of Jewish life in Prague and Terezin during WWII. Told from the viewpoints of Lenka and Josef, we see how even in the midst of violence and tragedy, true love is never really lost or forgotten. Spanning the years from when Lenka and Josef meet as young adults to their elderly years, this endearing novel deserves a place on the shelf next to other unforgettable sagas.

Prior to the Nazi invasion in Prague, Lenka Maizel dreams of love and painting. When she is introduced to Josef Kohn, her best friend’s older brother, the handsome young man with plans to become a doctor sweeps her off her feet. As German troops begin to enter Prague, Lenka and Josef marry, but separate immediately due to Lenka’s stubbornness and loyalty to her family. Josef escapes to America, while Lenka and her family are sent to a concentration camp. Years later, Lenka and Josef unexpectedly cross paths and are given a second chance to experience true love. (BERKLEY, Sep., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun