On the edge of the Scottish Highlands, Serena, a young wolf warrior of the Solarians, is on a mission to retrieve secret maps and a powerful crystal from the ruthless thief and murderer Ziem. The safety of her people rests with her.

Lord Roan Aston, an English knight and master of Wofsmoor Castle, is known as the Wolf because of the mysterious wolf tattoo on his shoulder. Roan discovers his heritage, destiny and true love after Serena rescues him from English soldiers who've mistaken him for a Scotsman. Together they battle Ziem and try to prevent the final destruction of the Wolf clan.

A rousing historical fantasy with lots of action and adventure, The Lost Wolf Warrior combines a romantic love story and very attractive characters. Not only do Serena and Roan remain true to their responsibilities, they remain true to their love as well. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor