Image of The Lost Wolf's Destiny (Harlequin Nocturne\The Pack)


Image of The Lost Wolf's Destiny (Harlequin Nocturne\The Pack)
THE LOST WOLF’S DESTINY (4) by Karen Whiddon: After seeing his famous preacher and faith healer father, Jacob Gideon, on television promising to heal a sick young girl and bring her and her mother into his church compound, Lucas Kenyon is determined to save the female shifter and her daughter. He knows his father’s idea of saving them is to torture the demon out of them, as he believes all shifters to be unnatural and inhabited by the devil. By the time Blythe Daphne realizes something is wrong at the compound and that she has to get herself and her daughter, Hailey, out, Gideon has already locked her daughter away from her. She needs Luke’s help to save her. This well-written story has a novel twist in Lucas’ role as the tortured son of an evil preacher is unexpected. Whiddon’s depiction of her characters’ desperation is also quite realistic.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay