Six years ago, rumors ran rampant regarding something strange happening down on a tiny island off the coast of Costa Rica. It was said that the biotech company InGen had somehow managed to do the unimaginable, bring back dinosaurs. All the surviving principals involved have denied the reports and the Costa Rican Government has taken steps to squash any attempts to prove it. But something strange is once again happening down on those islands...

Ian Malcolm had fervently hoped he had seen the last of the late John Hammond's ill-fated experiments. It took extensive surgery and six months of intense therapy in order to save his life after the last encounter. Unfortunately for Ian, a brilliant, brash and arrogant paleobiologist named Richard Levine is set on proving the continued existence of those supposedly long-lost creatures.

When Richard makes a trip out to Isla Sorna and fails to return, Ian and Richard's other partners-field biologist Sarah Harding, and Doc Thorne-become worried. Together they mount a rescue attempt, unaware that Kelly and Arby, two seventh grade students who ran Richard's secret errands while he was being followed by biotech competitors, have stowed away with the equipment.

What Richard has discovered is that while the Jurassic Dinosaur Park was located on the Isla Nublar, Hammond's dirty little secret was that he had a dinosaur manufacturing plant on Isla Sorna. When the team arrives on Sorna, they discover a unique habitat, where dinosaurs have multiplied and created their own lost world. The team soon discovers Richard alive and well, taking advantage of this unique opportunity to study dinosaurs in the wild.

Unfortunately, they are not the only scientists involved; Lewis Dodgson, who once paid for stolen dino embryos, is determined to retrieve fertilized eggs and he doesn't care who he has to kill to do it. Man and the awesome power of dinosaurs are once again about to clash; but this time around, who will survive?

Michael Crichton's sequel to Jurassic Park is worth the wait. Packed full of just as many chills, thrills and dangers, it also tackles the issue of extinction and what constitutes the natural course of events. Be sure to snap up your copy! (Sept., 393 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith