Image of Lost In You


Image of Lost In You

Rickloff's debut sweeps readers
into a dark, dangerous and
sensual realm where legend and
passion mix to perfection to create
a compelling, original love story.

As an unusually powerful Other (half human/half fey), Connor Bligh vows to keep the line between mortal and Faery safe by destroying the ruthless demon Asher. To do so, he'll need Ellery Reskeen's help. A soldier's daughter, Ellery has no idea that a box her father possessed is the key to conquering Asher, or that she has powers of her own.

Then Connor collapses on her doorstep and draws her into danger, magic and passion, where she's chased by the hounds of hell, Asher's henchmen. As she learns the secret of the box and her role in Connor's scheme, Ellery falls in love. Though Connor planned to sacrifice Ellery to save the world, he will not risk losing her. The Others must find the means to defeat Asher without surrendering themselves. (Zebra, Aug., 380 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin