Enid MacLean has managed to survive the stigma of a failed marriage and is living an independent life when she receives word that her husband has been wounded and she is needed to help nurse him back to health.

Enid reluctantly agrees to do her duty, but she is not happy to be near the man who betrayed her love and trust. However, the man lying near death is not the man she married. The physical resemblance is there, but when he regains consciousness, his personality is different, kinder and sensual, and therefore dangerous to her heart.

MacLean has no memory of a wife, but Enid is a temptation and a challenge. He has a role to play and she is part of it. He teases her and plays upon her emotions until she admits to herself that she still loves him. But what secrets is he harboring and what truths does he knowand what isn't he telling?

Christina Dodd plays upon readers' emotions with this Sommersby/Martin Guerre plot. Her understanding of the Regency era's social rules and customs are used to her advantage and explains much of Enid's motivations (as to why she would help a man she despises). Many poignant moments and sensual byplay between the hero and heroine touch chords with this reader who found the characters driven love story highly satisfying. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin