Image of Lothaire (Immortals After Dark)


Image of Lothaire (Immortals After Dark)

How do you make the crazy, arrogant and ruthless archvillain of a series a hero? With great difficulty! Yet Cole pulls it off splendidly in her latest Immortals After Dark offering. It helps that most of the Immortal Lore are none too sane and all pretty bloodthirsty, yet Lothaire, the Enemy of Old, is a cut above. While keeping Lothaire’s hardcore personality intact, Cole manages to find an unusual heroine for him. Cole outdoes herself!

Since his mother’s murder a millennium ago, Lothaire has been striving toward his endgame of ruling both the Horde and Dacia vampires. To do this, Lothaire needs his bride. There is an inconvenient problem: Although Lothaire believes his mate is Saroya the Soul Reaper, she is trapped inside the body of human Elizabeth Peirce. Despite being young and from remote Appalachia, Elizabeth is no pushover. Although she couldn’t keep Saroya from killing while in her body, Elizabeth won’t cede control, not even when a deadly and handsome vampire promises to eliminate her soul. (GALLERY, Jan., 506 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith