When Charlotte Green and her sisters settle in McTavish Plain, they make up husbands, because single women arent allowed in the community. For inspiration, Lottie turns to a wanted poster and pulls the name of Shayne Rosswarne to be her faux beau. Now that each of her sisters has found a real husband, Lottie feels secure, running her dressmaking business, sure that the real Shayne will never return to the town.

In fact, Shayne has just been released from prison, and is on a quest to kill Ian MacTavish, the man who sentenced him to pay for a crime he didnt commit. Shayne wants to clear his name and regain the family honor.

Needless to say, Lottie is stunned when Shayne saunters into her shop. She fears what will happen when Shayne discovers MacTavish is her sisters husband. She has to find a way to stop Shayne, but falling in love with her bogus husband is not part of her plan.

Lottie and Shayne are a match made in heaven; two souls who love adventure and thrive on danger. LOTTIE AND THE RUSTLER is a delightful conclusion to a charming, heartwarming series. Ms. Castle has brought a trio of lovers together in stories that delight with their humor, warmth and the true charm of the wild, woolly west. SENSUAL (Aug., 369 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin