Image of Love After All (Arabesque)


Image of Love After All (Arabesque)

This is a real page turner! It has
interesting characters, a plot that unfolds at just the right pace and enough suspense to keep readers
glued to the story so that they finish
it in one sitting.

Samantha Lee Taylor's
world has fallen apart. Her slimeball boyfriend stole from her company and framed her for it. She's on the run but determined to straighten everything out. The daughter of a con man, Samantha is quite skilled, or so she thinks, at hiding in plain sight.

Jackson Daley must find a way
to save his family's company from
his father and to keep damning
information about his mother from being revealed. Jackson ends up
on a plane to California with nothing but anger to keep him company until he meets his seatmate, Samantha.
Fearful of flying and following Jackson's advice to distract herself, Samantha kisses him, and their meeting turns out to be what they both needed personally -- and to protect their families. (kimani/arabesque, Mar., 417 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims