Rather than accept the fate that awaits her, Cherish Riley runs away from the two trappers she has been sold to. She is saved by Sloan Benedict Carroll a tall stranger who not only helps her, but offers her marriage, for he needs a woman to care for his young niece.

Sloan is feared and respected, and though Cherish knows nothing about this man, she trusts him. She refuses his proposal, however, because a marriage without love is not for her. She does agrees to help with the child, and together they continue the perilous journey to his home.

Cherish adjusts to her new life in the Kentucky Territory and wins over Sloan's friends Juicy and True, and the sweet child Oradelle. Her days are filled with happiness and her nights are spent with Sloan.

As her love for this gentle man grows stronger, Cherish wonders what tortures him so, for she longs for him to love her. But an unwanted traveler comes back into Sloan's life and threatens to wreak havoc with all he holds close to his heart.

The very capable Ms. Garlock has penned another compelling love story, showcasing a flair for interesting characterizations and emotional intensity that makes LOVE AND CHERISH a joy to read. SENSUAL (June, 341 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond