It is the town's vicar, Christian "Christy" Morrell, who grieves at Lord D'Aubry's bedside and not his son, Geoffrey. Once Christian's closest friend, Geoffrey is now a soldier for hire, an embittered man who returns to the village of Wyckerley with his wife.

Anne's marriage has been a living hell. Geoffrey had married her for what he thought was a fortune and constantly leaves her in poverty while he goes to war. To Anne, Wyckerley is a safe haven and Christy her one true friend.

Anne settles into the slow and gentle life, keeping track of time and her emotions in a journal. Her only problem is her growing attraction to Christy and his to her. When Geoffrey is reported killed, Anne feels free to love Christy, but she will never jeopardize his reputation. Unlike Christy, Anne has lost her faith and she fears that by loving him she might somehow blacken his.

Through tragedy and finally triumph, Anne and Christy both learn to believe, and it is ultimately their faith that brings them the happiness they deserve.

TO LOVE AND CHERISH is as wonderful as those classic tear-jerker movies we still adore. Patricia Gaffney beautifully evokes the English countryside and its people while delving into the deepest emotions of her characters. Here is another wondrous, beautiful and highly moving romance for those seeking a genuinely thought-provoking read. SENSUAL (Feb., 362 pp., $5.99)

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