Image of To Love and Cherish (Bridal Veil Island)


Image of To Love and Cherish (Bridal Veil Island)

Historical fiction at its best, this story will delight readers with the charm of Bridal Veil Island and a captivating subplot full of intrigue. Second in a series, the island is now a familiar place to come visit. Peterson and Miller have a gift for writing characters that you want to spend time with and get to know. The only disappointment is that Bridal Veil is not a real island, but the setting for a lovely, sweet book to relax with and enjoy a cup of something comforting.

Melinda and her employers are leaving Bridal Veil Island, returning to Cleveland. Disappointed that the man she wants to marry hasn’t proposed, Melinda realizes Evan wants to have more stable means of supporting a wife and family. They grow closer as they exchange heartfelt letters, but Melinda is still frustrated she can’t be with the man she wants a future with. When she hears of a devasting hurricane damaging the island, she leaves her job to find work there. Back with Evan is where Melinda thought she should be, but he is busier than ever. Has Melinda made the wrong choice about who she should spend the rest of her life with? And when she overhears a plot to kill President McKinley during his visit to Bridal Veil, should she turn to Evan? (BETHANY HOUSE, Aug., 352 pp. $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes