Spanning twenty years, LOVE AND HONOR resounds with the atmosphere of the era, complete with all the pageantry and intrigue associated with the mid 1100s.

Lady Joanna's wedding to Sir Crispin is painful for Crispin's best friend, Sir Alain, to watch. Though he has just met the fourteen-year-old bride, he has fallen in love with her. Loyalty to his friend, chivalry and honor demand he bury his emotions and wish the newlyweds well.

However, when Crispin is murdered merely days after the wedding, Alain and his companion Piers are accused of Crispin's murder by Joanna's father, Randolf, and are forced to flee to Sicily.

Joanna has been locked in her tower room since her husband's death-for Joanna alone knows the truth behind the murder. When the time arrives for Alain and Piers to return to England and clear their names, she is ready to defy her father's wrath for one last chance to find love with Alain.

Rich in drama and historical detail, LOVE AND HONOR is a strong medieval historical novel akin to those by Roberta Gellis and Anita Mills; a treasure trove for readers yearning for a luscious tale that gives life and passion to the Middle Ages. SENSUAL (July, 425 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin