Readers who have read Roby's
previous books featuring the Rev.
Curtis Black are in for a treat. One
of the notorious characters you
love to hate is back. This time
around Roby portrays yet another
view of the not-so-esteemed reverend
in a story that will solidify her spot
on literary charts. She shows that
even the most despicable person
can want to change. Through Roby's true-to-life plot, multidimensional
characters and focus on some really tough scenarios, it's clear that secrets and lies often result in pain and heartache. Her ninth title is another wonderful addition to the series.

Curtis and his wife, Charlotte, are working through his departure from the pulpit and into the hectic world of public speaking and book tours. She's convinced he's up to no good, since he spends so much time away from home. Though she doesn't have any room to point fingers, she hires an investigator.

Shortly afterward, Curtis returns to being the doting husband, but his revelations may force Charlotte to reveal her own secrets. If this isn't enough drama, add in a best friend with some serious relationship problems, a child on the edge of sanity and a police set-up, and you have a fast-paced story, easily read in one sitting. (Morrow, Feb., 288 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Tee C. Royal