Watson's book was originally released as a direct-mail-only title from The Fortunes of Texas series. Her story offers pleasant reading but few surprises. Readers who
are unfamiliar with this series may have difficulty following the familial ties. But, Fortune fans will likely enjoy revisiting their favorite couples and catching up on the
latest happenings in this large and loving family.

Griff Fortune finds Willa Simms wrapped in a rug and being carried away by two kidnappers when he goes to check out her security system. Calling on his secret agent expertise, he thwarts the kidnapping attempt and whisks Willa away to a secluded cabin for safekeeping. Even though she awakens his desire, he knows her quiet, stable world is miles away from his dangerous undercover life. But Willa doesn't see it quite the same way.

(Jul., 256 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell