Anna Caldwell is praying that her cattle will survive the unexpected blizzard when a half-dead stranger comes to her door. With her four children, she drags him inside and warms him up.

Just released from prison, Trent Malloy is unused to kindness in any form. Yet when it appears in the form of the widow Anna and her family, Trent decides his prayers have been answered.

Trent makes a slow recovery and during this time, he heals in many ways. Anna explores a new love for a man very different from her husband.

Yet happiness comes with a heavy price. When Trents horse-thieving past catches up with him, the townspeople refuse to be as forgiving as Anna. They nearly succeed in destroying Trent before the real criminal is caught.

Usually Western historicals are as severe as the wild west itself. Not so this tale. Ms. Harlow has created a richly detailed world where the good guys dont need white hats to be heroesthey just need the love of a good woman. SWEET (Feb., 250 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black