It is difficult for Creole beauty Micaela Dupree to accept that America now controls New Orleans and the Louisiana Territory, but she despises the fact Hugh Lancaster has arrived in the city to become a full partner in the family shipping business.

Hugh suspects that someone has been stealing from the company. He is determined to unmask the thief, and will not be deterred by the beautiful and spoiled Miss Dupree.

Micaela is distressed at being pressured to marry to save the Dupree reputation; especially when she does not love the man her uncle has chosen. Against her will she is drawn to the interloper, Hugh Lancaster.

Caught in a compromising situation, the two are forced to marry. Hugh and Micaela enter into a strained relationship charged with sexual tension, fueled by mistrust, until attempts on Hughs life and Micaelas happiness plunge them into danger.

Reading LOVE BE MINE is like taking a leisurely stroll through the French Quarter on a sultry night. Ms. Busbees style hasnt changed since the 1970s, her lush narrative and classic romance plotline remind readers of those glorious days when there was time to savor rich prose and relax with well-crafted characters whose every thought is explored. Doing what she does best, Ms. Busbee captures the aura of an era, and her readers imaginations. SENSUAL (Nov., 403 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin