Readers picking up “Love Beyond Sight”, the fourth story in the Outsider series, will feel like they stepped into a foreign world without a guide book. The rules that govern the characters seem to change without rhyme or reason. Additionally, there are so many different plot threads that it is impossible to keep everything straight. Those who can get past their confusion will find that the author has a great writing style, however, even well-crafted language is not enough to keep new readers engaged in this overly complex tale.

Outsiders are exactly that — a group of misfits forced to live outside of society because of their special abilities. Foreseer Eden Roan has had a particularly difficult life. Growing up in a fundamentalist family, she was physically punished for her visions of the future. Eventually she was locked away in a mental institution where Sebastian, a demon set on destroying all Outsiders, tormented her. Eden survived long enough to be rescued by the other Outsiders, but despite her physical well-being, the young woman's battle is just beginning. Eden is afraid that she is going insane and cannot control her premonitions because her soulmate, her anchor, Samuel Quinn, refuses to come for her.

Samuel has been scarred beyond recognition and now believes he is not good enough for Eden. He is with her constantly, but only through their telepathic link. He refuses to meet her face to face because he is scared that she will look at his deformities with pity. But when Eden once again finds herself in jeopardy, Samuel has no choice but to rescue her and in the process reveal himself. (SILVER PUBLISHING, Mar., dl $6.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne