Judie Aiken's debut is a powerful combination of time travel and Indian romance. Her depth of characterization and gift for description enable readers to believe they are back in 1876. There is humor, tenderness, poignancy and suspense; twists and turns of plot as well as romance to keep
readers enthralled. There is a bright future ahead for this rising star.

Anthropologist Ryan Burke seizes the chance to work with Dr. Gaffney on site at the Little Big Horn. However, Gaffney makes it clear that he doesn't want a woman around. Perhaps he fears she'll notice the missing artifacts. Aside from this, attorney Dillon Wolf is trying to shut down the expedition.

Ryan's interest in the Lakota Sioux and their customs leads her to Dillon's grandfather, Charley Crying Wolf. When her tent is destroyed he lends her a tepee. Through the teepee, Ryan is transported to 1876 just before the day of the battle. The tepee belongs to the warrior Wolf, a man who could be Dillon's ancestor.

Wolf begins having visions of a future world and his confusion grows as he falls in love with the mysterious white woman. Many questions arise as the battle looms.

(Mar., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin