Waking up in the morgue after being shot, vampire Etienne Argeneau encounters Rachel, who claims he's dead, socks him and promptly faints. Usually Etienne handles these incidents by erasing the memory of people he meets, but he can't erase Rachel's memory, which becomes problematic, since only a few days later he finds himself back at the morgue.

However, this second time his enemy follows him, and Rachel is forced into the oh-so-unenviable position of being stuck between a corpse with a heartbeat and an evil villain with an ax.

This an enjoyable, fun story, with just a touch of suspense. It is the second in Sands' new series involving the Argeneau family of vampires. This story runs consecutively with Single, White Vampire, and, though a bit more serious in tone, there are plenty of comical moments here. These vampires are a pleasant change from the often used, overbearingly alpha ones and left me eager for the next installment. (Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley