Archer proves she knows how to package love, passion, mystery and delight. Maybe not in a bottle, but certainly between the covers of her latest
irresistible novel. You're sure to
get a warm, happy glow and a
giggle or two before you get to
the marvelously romantic end of
this magical novel.

Botanist Sophie Andrews is crawling through the underbrush, searching for a plant, when she bumps into Ian Blackpool. He's the epitome of any woman's dreams, and he appreciates her interests. She's almost ready to say she's attracted to him when she discovers he's nothing but a mountebank, selling bottles of love potions. When she refutes his claims and accepts his dare to drink the potion she wonders if there's something to it. Then her beloved uncle is kidnapped by the Dark Dan McGannon Gang, just the bunch Ian has been hunting.

Together they try to rescue her uncle and form a bond of respect and passion that has nothing to do with bottled concoctions. When Sophie's mother disposes of her research to force her to marry, only Ian understands her love for botany, and even though he thinks love is a chemical reaction, they team up to find out if romance is a symbiotic relationship, a chemical imbalance or something only the heart can tell is true. (Leisure, Dec., 325 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin