Andrews guides readers to fully grasp the ministry of Hosea. She creates biblical characters who are lively and vivacious and hold our attention. Their lives become a rich tapestry to find the One True God. The author is undoubtedly passionate about a believer’s quest to reconnect with God. This read exquisitely brings the Bible to life.

God speaks to Hosea; he rises to the challenges of delivering God’s messages to people who have been led astray. Elohim protects Hosea and he meets with his childhood friend, who is now the leading prostitute of a brothel. He wishes to bring her to the prophet’s camp and give her time to heal from a horrid beating. Will their friendship last even when there is betrayal beyond measure? (REVELL, Mar., 432 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lindy J. Swanson