Pinkerton detective Casey Walker is hired by McAllister to find his grandson, Tommy, and remove him from his "unfit" mother. Though Belle Parker McAllister met her husband, Tom, in a brothel, she is a good woman and a loving mother. After Tom's father disinherited him, they made a new life for themselves in California.

When Tom dies, Belle fears her father-in-law will try to take Tommy, so she hires a bodyguard, Casey Walker, to protect her son. Casey soon discovers that Belle is not a woman of easy virtue and tries to talk McAllister out of his fanatical desire to take the boy.

McAllister has Casey followed and Tommy kidnapped. Believing Casey betrayed her trust and filled with guilt over her son's abduction, Belle goes to San Francisco to confront McAllister. When McAllister is found murdered, Belle is the prime suspect and is jailed for the murder. Casey convinces her to marry him to keep Tommy safe in his custody.

Belle is released when one of McAllister's old rivals confesses. Misunderstandings abound and even though she and Casey are in love, neither will admit to their true feeling; except in bed.

Strong characters, a fast pace, plenty of action, adventure and sensuality keep the pages flying in one more entertaining Connie Mason romance. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager