Image of Love Comes Home: A Novel


Image of Love Comes Home: A Novel

Gabhart gives readers a fantastic gift of another visit to Rosey Corner and the Merritt sisters, who are more like a real family than a family in a book. The author captures readers’ attention and absorbs them into the concerns of a town that is seeing the return of its sons after WW II. You’ll want to share the Rosey Corner series with friends and family, and this installment will leave your mouth watering for homemade brown sugar pie — and the recipe is included.

The soldiers are coming home to their wives in Rosey Corner with moral injuries from WW II, but they’re slowly feeling safe again. Their wives want nothing more than to comfort them and make them whole again. The Merritt sisters are eager for the future, but remain patient and loving. Kate, for example, wants nothing more than to start a family after such a long absence from Jay. But as the sisters realize that some things are out of their control, they know God will lead them back to the joy experienced around the Merritt’s dining table. (REVELL, Jul., 384 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lindy J. Swanson