Margaret, Lady Surrey, has suffered the abuse of her deformed husband, Lord Randall, and his equally misshapen brother, the Earl of Rutledge. When her husband kills her newborn son because he is imperfect, Margaret turns the knife on him. Knowing she must flee the Earl's wrath and the Randall curse, she vanishes into the night.

Rescued along the road to London by the infamous highwayman, Capt. Scarlet, Margaret is swept along by fate and into the arms of destiny. Scarlet is smitten by the unconscious angel lying in the snow and takes her with him despite his friends' warning.

Scarlet's plans go awry and they are captured and thrown into Newgate Prison. Margaret uses her maiden name, Meg Drummond, knowing she must keep her true identity a secret.

During their time together, Meg begins to emerge into a new woman, due to Scarlet's (Kincaid's) gentle wooing. When they escape, Kincaid vows to keep her safe. But Meg cannot escape the painful memories of the past. Kincaid is also running from the past. As Scarlet, he steals from a select group of nobles and gives the booty to the needy.

When the past catches up with them, they must confront the demons that haunt and threaten their lives before they are free to realize the precious gift they have in one another.

Ms Faulkner blends the darkness and beauty of human nature to create a haunting love story, liberally sprinkled with intrigue, adventure and laughter. SENSUAL (Apr., 382 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox