Image of The Love Dog


Image of The Love Dog

Don’t miss this delightful romance, told from the point of view of heroine Samantha and Apollo, the Love Dog, who has the power to help people find love. A quirky and entertaining story, and readers will root for the Love Dog to help the heroine in her very relatable struggle to believe in love again.

Samantha Novak doesn’t believe in the fairy-tale type of love portrayed on reality shows like The Love Dog. When she loses her job and then gets an offer from a tabloid to write an exposé on The Love Dog, she takes it. She accepts a job assisting Apollo’s handler, and meets Mason Hall, the show’s star. It gives her a chance to get to know both Mason and Apollo, and soon she begins to regret her tabloid deal. She also discovers something else about this reality show that makes it unlike any other — it is real. (TOR, Feb., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley