Image of Love Finds You in Frost, Minnesota


Image of Love Finds You in Frost, Minnesota

The next book in the long-running Love Finds You series is centered on real-life town Frost, Minn. The characters are engaging, sweet and funny; they will do what they need to save their town from being sold off, parcel by parcel, by one of their own. Baer is a talented author who knows how to bring fictional characters to life.

Merry Noel Blake loves everything about Christmas, right down to the pine needles falling off the Christmas trees. She and the rest of the town have turned Frost, Minn., into a winter wonderland to boost tourism, which slides downward in the dead of winter. Jack Frost returns to his hometown to clear up his family’s tangled estate, meets Merry and realizes he has met his match. Merry needs to make Jack realize the town should stay the way it is and convince him not to sell the properties he now owns. (SUMMERSIDE, Oct., 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans