Image of Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida


Image of Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida

Bricker has a flair for creating vivid and dramatic scenes. Her humor and wisdom, while delicately addressing issues of grief and renewal, make this a moving story. Although the plot is rather predictable, readers will enjoy this story of second chances.

When Cassie Constantine becomes a widow at 55, she decides it's time to sell the winter house her beloved husband adored. Tired of being so predictable, orderly and boring, Cassie heads to Florida to take care of the details. Little does she know that she will become embroiled in a conspiracy to save the town from a corporation looking to build a golf resort. As Cassie reacquaints herself with the small town, she begins to lose her resolve to sell. But is it the town itself, or the handsome ballroom instructor that has Cassie rethinking her future? (SUMMERSIDE, Dec., 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes